Tricia Littlefield

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My name is Tricia Littlefield.

Are you tired of guessing what might be wrong with your website?

Do you have problems ranking on Google although you have invested a lot of time and money in SEO?

Do you get traffic but fail to convert your website visitors into your customers?

If your current website was a salesperson, would you fire them? If yes, my services will really come in handy. 

What will I do for you?

To begin with, I utilize web analytics, engage your staff, existing and potential customers as well as read all content forms submitted through your website in an effort to come up with the best solutions for your website. I also do site tests to identify SEO problems, content problems among many other website problems that stand in the way of attracting and converting as many website visitors as possible. To summarize my service offering, I will;

1. Research, build and host your website.

2. Continually iterate the design of your website; to improve responsiveness, respond to site visitors’ concerns, add functionality etc.

3. Add content periodically; to make the site active which is good for SEO as well as keeping web visitors engaged.

4. Improve current content. Create high-quality content that is highly optimized with the right keywords in the right quantity, placed perfectly.

5. Send newsletters periodically to update website visitors/subscribers of new content/information.

The web design process

Although I offer many services, web design tops the list. My web design process is divided into 5 processes discussed below;

1. Discovery: During the discovery stage, I do a lot of research, run audits on competitor’s sites, run audits on a customer’s old site, learn about potential and existing site customers and the business as a whole by conducting interviews with key stakeholders. I also study the analytics of old websites to identify both positive and negative aspects. As the name suggests, the main aim of the discovery stage is discovering the best ways to help clients make the best sites possible.

2. Design: After discovery, the next step is taking all that information and deciding the best way to present it online i.e. ensuring it meets the needs of end users perfectly. For instance, if the discovery stage highlights the need to have a responsive website (since most web visitors access a site via mobile devices), the design process will take that into account. The design process also involves site audits aimed at testing the performance as well as search engine optimization efforts during and after the site building process.

3. Strategic direction: This process is aimed at creating a clear vision and message for the homepage since the homepage can’t cater for multiple services effectively even if a company offers many services. I focus on creating a strategic direction for your homepage after watching and measuring the performance of the page after the initial launch.

4. Content strategy development: I figure out what needs to be written and posted on a website. I usually write all the content for a website in an effort to offer highly optimized high-quality website content all the time.

5. Search strategy development and implementation: I also develop and implement search strategies aimed at propelling my clients' sites to the top of first-page search engine results.

What my clients like

1. I deliver results and more value for clients' money: When I say I will do whatever it takes to make your website rank higher, attract more customers, become more responsive etc. you can rest assured I will do exactly that. I have gotten numerous positive reviews on the fact that I deliver as promised and in most cases help clients get more value for their money.

2. I value customer relationships: My clients also like that I take as much time as possible to know them and their businesses. 

3. I have the best interests of my client at heart. I also go out of my way to handle related web design aspects that clients wouldn’t normally be aware of. 

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