Lead Generation Through SEO: What You Really Need to Know Web Design

Lead Generation Through SEO: What You Really Need to Know

Lead Generation Overview

There are very many ways of generating leads or simply, bringing people to your website. Out of all the lead generation methods available today, SEO (search engine optimization) stands out as the best/most effective method. The reason for this is simple. Search engines such as Google control over 90% of all internet traffic. Gone are the days when people had to memorize website addresses and input them manually to be able to visit websites. Google made it possible to find websites as well as any kind of information online easily by using search terms which are popularly known as keywords or keyword phrases. Today, every single internet user depends on search engines to find information online.

Website owners can’t therefore afford to ignore search engines if they are keen on getting traffic to their sites. It is however important to note that search engines have rules that must be followed for sites to be ranked. Having a website won’t guarantee you visibility on search engines. Your website must be made in a search engine-friendly way for it to appear on Google search results. SEO is simply about making it easy for Google to find your site when Google users search for information that is in your site.

The easier it is for Google to find your site online, the higher your rank will be on search results (or simply put, the better the SEO, the higher the ranking). It’s that simple. It is however important to note that since most people care about page one search engine results only, you can’t afford to do half backed SEO if you are keen on capitalizing on search traffic. The key is optimizing your site in such a way that your site appears on page one search results for the search terms you have optimized for.

We will talk about optimizing for search terms (keywords/keyword phrases) later in this article. The most important thing to note now is that SEO must be done perfectly for it to generate leads effectively. The ultimate goal is to appear on page one search results and Google gives SEO guidelines which must be followed for websites to enjoy page one Google ranking. These guidelines are public knowledge however, very few people get it right. Why is this the case?

Lead generation through SEO starts with LEARNING CUSTOMER PROBLEMS

Contrary to popular belief, SEO starts way before the actual process. Many website owners are guilty of jumping into SEO blindly without understanding the key to effective SEO which is; understanding the problems of your potential customers. It doesn’t really matter how many keywords you put in your site if you won’t offer a solution when potential customers land on your site.

It’s worth noting that leads are of no good to you if they won’t convert. Offering solutions to problems is what turns site leads into buying customers. As a result, don’t jump into SEO before you find out exactly what your potential customers are looking for. To do this effectively, you’ll need to;

Find out what sends your potential customers to Google

The best way of generating useful leads via search engines is finding out what your target customer is looking for when they go to Google. Depending on your niche, this could be anything from a specific product/service to general information, advice etc. Once you find out what sends your potential customer to Google, purpose to optimize your website based on that information. In a nutshell, everything about your website (from the design to the content) should be focused on solving the problems of your potential consumer. If your clients go to Google to find a product you are selling, you should have adequate information about that product on your site.

You however need to find what your potential clients are typing on Google. How do you do that?

Fortunately, there are many ways of finding out what your potential site customers want. You can use tools such as Google AdWords to conduct thorough keyword and keyword phrase research aimed at finding out the words (keywords) and phrases (keyword phrases) people like using when looking for certain information online. Every niche has popular keywords and keyword phrases.

For instance, if your site is about smartphones, popular Smartphone brands i.e. Samsung phone, LG phone, iPhone etc. are obvious keywords that people will have to type on Google to land on your site. Keyword research tools such as AdWords help you find the best keywords to use on your site depending on factors such as your site niche. AdWords already knows what keywords and keyword phrases people like using on Google to find a site like yours. It is therefore advisable to use such tools instead of guessing what people are most likely to type on Google to land on your site.

AdWords aside, you can find suitable keywords/keyword phrases by speaking directly to your consumers or engaging with your sales and customer support staff since these are the people who engage directly with your existing and potential customers. Such individuals have great insights about the problems your existing/target consumer are facing, what they want/are looking for etc. When you base your website design i.e. content creation on solving your clients’ problems, you won’t have a problem generating leads through SEO.

Furthermore, search engines favour websites which offer valuable information i.e. those with content that users are looking for. If people just visit your site once and leave immediately simply because you had the right keywords in your site but no useful information/solutions, you won’t get far. Search engines consider bounce rates when ranking sites. The higher the bounce rate, the worse your ranking will be.


Understanding your existing and potential customers is the first and most important step to effective lead generation through SEO. It’s the key to finding the best/most popular keywords and/or keyword phrases. It’s also the key to ensuring you solve the problems of your existing and potential clients effectively. It’s important to note that the most successful sites are those that strive to offer their visitors exactly what they want/are looking for. Generating leads through search engine optimization must therefore starts with learning consumer problems.

Once you do this, everything else will fall in place. You will be able to identify the most important factors to consider when you want to do effective SEO i.e. the best website design templates to use, the best keywords/keyword phrases to use in your site, the best content that solves the problems of your existing/potential site visitors among other important SEO information. Although title tags, page speed, meta descriptions are all part of effective SEO, you should start by focusing on solving your clients problems using your site if you are keen on doing the most effective lead generation through SEO. Everything else should come second.

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