How Teleco Ranked #1 on Google and is Now Generating Plenty of Website Leads After Working with The Simple Web

Executive Summary

Teleco Supply Co Ltd was started by Frank Littlefield in 1985 providing cabling and landline phone systems. The business grew into two distinct divisions, one referred to as the landline division and the other the wireless division. Both divisions offer a dizzying array of telecommunications solutions from your basic cell phone services, IP internet telephony to underground copper cabling.

The previous website had become so outdated that there was no reviving it.The old website only worked on a desktop computer and the previous website was company centric, meaning that all the material talked about the company. The new website needed to focus on Teleco's customers and what they need to know to make a purchase decision. There really wasn't anything that could be salvaged from the old website.

So we needed a big commitment from Teleco to build a website from scratch - and not just one website but two websites. The only way to make things simple for the customers was to create two separate websites. To save time and money, we simply adapted the framework of the first website and changed the colours.

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What these awesome people have to say!

Tricia is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She goes the extra mile to make sure the project is on time and completed to our liking.

Our new website is both PC and mobile friendly which is huge and we are also ranking very high now in Google searches where before we didn't even come up on some searches.

We come up before our competitors which is important and she takes the time to learn your business to make sure that it is represented correctly online.

Penny Belluz

Landline Manager, Teleco Supply Co Ltd.

I would easily recommend The Simple Web. The attention to detail is second to none. Very involved, we were kept up-to-date every step of the way.

The Simple Web is the paradigm of what a good web company should be.

Our old rankings were nothing to even consider, perhaps even something to hide.

We generate a lot more quality leads. Before it was almost an accident that our customers landed on our page without looking very specifically for us. As a result of higher page ranking we also get a lot more leads then we had previously.

Jon Blackie

IT Systems, Teleco Supply Co Ltd.

An Obsolete Website

Insider Tip: Check if the web design firm you are considering is willing to work with you on a regular basis to make sure that your website doesn't become obsolete. An obsolete website is often worse than no website at all. 

And an obsolete website also means starting from scratch when you do think to update the website. This means a bigger budget is needed. 

Why do websites become obsolete? There can be many reasons. The web design firm you hired might have the idea they will build the website and the relationship is over. But every company needs a professional to help and guide them with online marketing. The other issue can be, and was in this case, is the content management system is too confusing and the learning curve too high. The employees, who are busy with their regular roles in the company, don't have time to keep the website updated. And looking after the website cannot be given to a junior employee because they often don't know the big picture of the business goals. 

Teleco didn't really want to invest in a new website but knew there was no other choice. They were nervous about making an investment because the previous four website designs, over the last ten to fifteen years, didn't work out the way that they had hoped. The knew that in today's world, they had to have a website,  but in their experience, the website was only an expense. It didn't generate any money for the business and they didn't know why (which is very common for people who aren't professional web designers).

Very Poor Google Rankings

Teleco also brought to my attention, when they first reached out to me, that if "data cabling thunder bay" was searched in Google, the results led to this obscure page on their website that didn't really help customers. And if "small business phone systems thunder bay" was searched (which is one of the core business offerings), Teleco did not show up, even on page ten of Google -- I checked!

Teleco knew that was a problem but what they didn't know is that the web design company did not do any SEO at all for Teleco. Perhaps basic search engine optimization was not included in the quote. But I am sure that Teleco would have paid for title tags and meta description tags to be written and included in the pages of their website. What use is a website that people cannot find, even when searching for that exact product?  

This might not be obvious to someone outside of the industry but you have to write content that your customers are looking for online, and you need to use the language that your customer's use (which you discover during your research stages and using online tools). 

Those were Teleco's main challenges that they presented to me; however, as a professional web designer, I uncovered a multitude of additional problems that Teleco would never be aware of.

Even though Teleco knew the issues, and even though they had a client phone to complain that the website was out of date, they really didn't have their heart in a re-design. I saw their hesitation as a sign that the websites of the past had never brought them any money. If you equated a website to a sales person, would you keep paying a sales person if they never sold anything?

A Roadmap to Success

To help Teleco feel confident that the next website wasn't a waste of money, I offered to create a roadmap for their next website. It was a paid consulting engagement that produced a long structured document outlining exactly what had to be done to succeed online. It took hours and hours of research and planning. The offer to Teleco was, "let's start with this roadmap. You can get to know my company and if you are happy, I can provide a quote on a website design. If you are not thrilled, you can take this roadmap to any web design firm and the entire Discovery Stage will be complete". It was a win win.

After listening to Teleco’s site challenges and digging deeper, I noticed a number of issues as a web designer: 

1. No image optimization: Teleco’s site images were too large which translated to a longer download time. Considering people prefer clicking away as opposed to waiting for a web page to load, this was a big problem. The site images also lacked title tags with keywords which is important for SEO.

2. The site was outdated: The website was so outdated to the point that it didn’t make any difference if the site existed. To be totally honest, Teleco would have been better off taking the site down. 

3. No SEO: Not even basic SEO was done on the site. The site didn’t have title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, no schema... name it! Also, the site barely had content and the content that was there was of a very low quality which was disastrous to SEO. In fact, if you searched the site’s main products on Google, the company didn’t show up at all on search results. 

4. No consumer-focused strategies: There was no effort put into presenting website content that was important to Teleco’s customers in a manner that suited them perfectly. For instance, there was no effort to help customers find what they needed via Q&A as well as pricing strategies. The site’s navigation was also poorly done making it extremely hard to find information on the site. 

5. Poor URL structure: The site’s URL structure was poorly done (using page ID numbers among other fancy characters that have no SEO and client benefits).

6. Poor content strategies: The site featured content pulled from another site and displayed via iFrames and in most cases, such content wouldn’t load. 

7. Poor responsiveness: The site didn’t display properly on mobile devices such as Smartphones making it impossible to have a good user experience when accessing the site via mobile devices. 

In a nutshell, the company had nothing to offer potential customers to help them make a buying decision on the site. The site couldn’t even be found on Google which was worse enough considering the company is operating in an era where people prefer to Google for information than call or ask. 

Teleco Before—The old website was nearly invisible on Google

A screen shot from Google before the project began. Teleco does not show up at all. 

Penny Belluz, Teleco's Landline Manager, sent this screen capture below with this message, "When you search in Google, 'phone systems thunder bay', we don't even show up in the listing."

How I helped

I analyzed Teleco’s core strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses, in an effort to strengthen their strengths further and help them seize their opportunities while eliminating their weaknesses and threats. For instance, Teleco’s brand was very strong in the city. Teleco also had a strong existing relationship with premier vendors as well as an ambition to leverage online markets. I purposed to capitalize on such strengths in the design process.

The weaknesses revolved around poor web design and SEO. Teleco had many opportunities the most notable revolving around their ability to offer content that is customer-focused as well as put someone who is fully committed in charge of their digital marketing. Teleco threats included; poor content strategies as well as poor client education on the products Teleco sells. 

I am a web designer who has the best interests of my clients at heart so I began by constantly monitoring Teleco’s site and making all the necessary design and SEO changes revealed after my initial analysis of the site. My focus was making Teleco’s site a lead generating website which is the most important component for online success. My strategies were focused on search engine optimization techniques and related strategies i.e. improving the site's responsiveness as well as making content that ranks high on search engines and attracts customers to 

To do this effectively, I installed a higher level SEO code mapping out every single site page with a specific goal as well as a Call-To-Action to get Teleco site visitors to take positive actions. I also did site audits and still do them to date in an effort to identify any site problems that may arise periodically i.e. content issues, speed issues, image issues, broken links etc. I also contact Teleco regularly to make improvements on their site as well as take on new projects.


1. First page ranking on Google: Teleco is currently on the 1st page of Google search results for every product they offer. Teleco’s products dominate the first 5 search results spots. Their competitor has been kicked to the second page of Google. This has automatically resulted in more traffic (and targeted traffic for that matter) which means better leads. The site’s bounce rate has also reduced as a result of this.  

2. A constantly updated site: Teleco’s new site is easy to update. Although I usually monitor the site constantly, Teleco staff can easily update the site on their own.

3. Constant checks: The Simple Web checks in with Teleco periodically to share information on outdated content, ask for updates, share information about Teleco’s search engine performance, page speed tests, Google ranking/results etc. thanks to the site audits I run for all my clients at least once every month.

Teleco is relieved that they now have their first "lead generating" website. A lead generating website means that customers are contacting Teleco because of the new website.

Example of Google Results

The top ranking results on Google first page after working with The Simple Web


The most challenging bit about the entire Teleco experience was the research work required. Teleco sells complicated products i.e. phone systems and smartphones which need thorough research to understand and appreciate the small differences between products, their benefits etc. I also spent a lot of time understanding the needs of Teleco clients for me to be able to cater for those needs in my web design and content work. Also, there’s still some work to be done i.e. improving the navigation as we watch and learn how customers interact with the website. 

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