The Simple Web focusses on quality and care at every stage of development. Pre-planning and care ensures that we build solid foundation for your online business to build upon as you become successful.

  • The Starter Package

    The Starter Package

    This website is targeted to the business who wants key information online about their business and wants the ability and flexibility to grow into a robust website in the future.

    Three Template Pages

    Templates allow you to easily add pages to your website in the future. A template holds standard information like the layout, the header, and the footer that can be applied to future website pages. For example, you might create a new article that you want to post on your website. You simply click ADD PAGE, paste in the content and choose a template. The template will format the page to look like your website.   

    Your website will come with three layouts:

    • Homepage Template
    • Two Column Template
    • One Column Template


    We will create two pages on content based on a questionnaire we provide. You are free to supply other information you have as well.

    • homepage 
    • about page 
    • product or services page 
    • contact us page
    • Google Map
    • Schema wrapped address and business hours 
    • Contact form
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms of Use


    • You supply your logo
    • You can supply a photograph of you or your staff
    • I will purchase up to five stock images to use with your website


    • Domain Name Purchase (worth $36/year). First year included and then you pay for use each year.
    • Taking your site live
    • title, meta and alt tags for the homepage, about page, contact page, product page, privacy policy page and the terms of use page
    • setup of Google Analytics under my account
    • setup of Google Webmaster Tools
    • site Audit completed after launch to check if everything is programmed well
      • tesr


    • First Year of Hosting Included
    • Hosting is paid yearly ($49/month) 
    • Refunds on hosting are not available
    • $3,200.00

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